Dance Seen

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What is Dance Seen?
Dance Seen is an experiment in community transparency. Together we “share our humanity” by creating a container for members of our community to be witnessed and held through expressive movement.
We are building our connections, nourishing our relations, and kindling our knowing of self as other.


The practice of Dance Seen looks like this:
We gather together in a circle or semi-circle, creating the physical container of a dance floor. Individuals volunteer, one at a time, to be witnessed by the circle in their movement.
They may move to a pre-planned song, a song divined in-the-moment by an exchange between the mover and the DJ, or they may move with silence.
After about 3 minutes of expressive movement, a moment of silent integration is held, and the invitation for reflections is offered to the mover (who is at choice to accept this invitation or decline it).
Reflections from the community of witnesses are then shared (if the invitation is accepted) to the mover. Reflections are a gift, an offering, an extension of vulnerability given back to the circle and mover alike.
Reflections may be about what I experienced in my body while witnessing the movement (emotions, sensations, etc), or the story that the movement told me, or an image that was evoked by the movement.
We open and close the space with open space for all to move and dance, together, or alone.
Dance seen is a monthly event, happening every 2nd Sunday 7:30 – 9:30pm.
**Except for February 24th, which is the last Saturday of the month**
SomaSpace Movement Arts & Healing Center
4050 NE Broadway, Portland, OR
Cost: $10 – $15 sliding scale
Arrive on time to participate. In the opening circle we connect over shared agreements of the space and how we will express and witness each other.
Late arrivals who miss the opening circle will be turned away for the sake of the intimate container.