sleep with full moonDreamwalking

Do you have or want to have a rich relationship with your dreaming life? I can help you to unfold your dreams and support you in cultivating a relationship with your dreaming self so that you have better dream recall and more potent dreaming experiences.

Our dreams are like a completely personalized Tarot deck, the images, objects, and experiences within the dream are like a reading from a great psychic master – yourself! Everything that you remember when you wake-up after a dream is like a part of a tarot card, or a part of a whole reading. By looking at the landscape of dream, you can learn what it is that your ‘sleeping’ self knows that your ‘waking’ self doesn’t see yet.

Dreamwork is beneficial to all people who are interested in living to their highest potential. Our sleeping mind is constantly creating maps towards our best selves and our highest expression of life. Whether you have a strong relationship with your dreams or you have trouble remembering your dream images when you wake, Dreamwork can support you on your path!

A Dreamwalking session lasts up to 1 hour during which you will share your dream with me and I will join you in the dream world so that we can both look at each chapter, theme, and detail so that you can receive the messages that your subconscious self is sending to you.

I have trained in Dreamwalking with Toko-Pa Turner, Cassandra  Cosme De Pree, and Miriam Dyak as well as the dreamwork I have done with the Processwork Institute.

To unfold a dream with my support, write up your dream and e-mail it to: dreamwalkingwithse@gmail.com. From there we will schedule a time for us to meet either over the phone or via Skype.

Sessions are Pay What you Want! Suggested value is between $25 and $150.