ZEGG Forum Facilitation Training

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Join us for this two day training to learn the philosophy, practice, and tools of ZEGG Forum. On Friday Night March 31st 6-9pm is the opening Forum for all trainee’s (Facilitated by Shoshannah Crow and Sara Eden Moss).
Forum Facilitation Training is Sat & Sunday 10am-6pm both days.We are calling on facilitators, community organizers, space holders, and transformational leaders to come and play with us in the field of ZEGG Forum.

This training will be applicable and developmental for all facilitators; whether your work is with groups, or one on one, you will gain skills and insights on supporting people in leaning into their most authentic expression.


Forum was created at ZEGG (www.zegg.de) (an intentional community in Germany) and its sister communities as a way of promoting transparency and mutual understanding among community members. ZEGG members found that decision-making meetings often got derailed because of emotional conflicts and undercurrents that were not known to or understood by all. In Forum, each individual’s experience could be seen and understood, leading to greater empathy and creativity in the community. Now, many residential and non-residential intentional communities have adopted Forum as a way to maintain ongoing connection, intimacy and understanding.


The Teachers:

Shoshannah Crow and Sara Eden Moss have been organizers for NFNC Summer Camp for many years. They have both been continually inspired by the beauty and trans formative nature of ZEGG Forum when practiced in community settings.

Shoshannah Crow has been a Forum facilitator for 7 years and teaching communities how to facilitate for themselves for the past two. Shoshannah asked Sara Eden to work with her after her first year at camp; “The first time I saw Sara Eden engage with the Forum process I knew that I wanted to work with her. Her insights and compassion are invaluable.”


Sara Eden Moss has worked and trained as a facilitator for various communities since she was 18. Her love for transparency and connection brought her to Summer Camp where she fell in love with ZEGG Forum and began collaborating with and learning from Shoshannah. “Shoshannah’s facilitation flows with ease and a natural grace that is inspired from the very way she moves through her day to day life. It is a joy to work with her.”

When communities come together to witness what is alive in an individual, it helps people to see their shared humanity, and builds trust, connection and intimacy.

Friday Evening
6:00 – 9:00 pm —- ZEGG Forum
This opening Forum is for people who are registered for the Forum Training Weekend only. We will lead with our vulnerability and create our container and community for the weekend together though this process.
Saturday & Sunday
10am – 1pm —- Morning session
1pm – 2pm —- :Lunch Break
2pm – 6pm —- Afternoon session

To Register:

If you are coming from out of town we will do our best to pair you with an in-town student or community host for your stay during the workshop.

What to Bring:
Wear Comfortable clothes that you can move in
Lunch, Snacks, and Water
A journal or notebook if desired

We will provide chairs to sit in, please bring any specific chair support or pillows that you might need to be comfortable for 2 hours of sitting.


Tuition for this workshop is $150.

To encourage communities and organizations to learn and implement ZEGG Forum as a resource for themselves, we are offering a $50 discount to folks who register with 2 other members of their organization or community. That means, if 3 (or more) people from the same structured group attend the training, each person attends for $100.
Our desire is to make this training available to people of various lifestyles and with varying incomes. If you feel called to attend but cannot afford the tution, please e-mail SaraEden.MG@gmail.com to request information about the scholarship application.
**There will be a $25 fee for cancellations after March 15th.**